My practice
graphic design.

            I am a freelance graphic designer, specialised in book design.
            My work path started out during my masters in Visual Communication at IUAV University of Venice—Italy, where I started to be intrigued by the way visual language can effectively convey a message. In our times, when most people compute visuals every day, it's interesting to explore how the visual composition can enhance the content, broadening and deepening the process of understanding information. I started focusing on making the form as expressive as the content, so that words can emerge from their visual mutism thanks to a graphic interpretation.
            With this in mind, I designed and produced my very first object-book as final project.
            After finishing my studies, I moved to Amsterdam—The Netherlands, where I lived and worked for three years. There, among others, I worked with Irma Boom Office, where I learnt almost everything I know about books and the book making process, and Frame Magazine, where I expanded my knowledge and experienced design in the magazine field.
            In the Summer of 2015 I moved back to Italy, where I am based now. I keep on designing books in their total complexity, studying paper and binding techniques, experimenting with finishes, playing with the elements composing a page and creating a narration. Next to this, I also work on exhibitions and identities and I teach.

To read about some of my collaborations, see here ︎︎︎

Last update Summer 2020