Corraini Edizioni, Mantua—Italy, 2017
288 pages — 17×24 cm

            FATTOBENE is a platform for research and valorisation of Italian objects that have existed for generations. Journalist Anna Lagorio and photographer Alex Carnevali started the project in 2015, with the aim of offering a fresh and contemporary perspective on Italy through the creation of an archive of everyday archetypes.  
            FATTOBENE – Italian Everyday Archetypes is an atlas of Italian material culture, a journey into the industrial history of our country. From the object to the packaging, from graphic design to advertising: archival material such as photographs, postcards, prototypes and advertising posters narrate the evolution of Italy and costumers’ taste during the 20th century.
            The volume comes with 4 different covers. It is published by Corraini Edizioni