Homismart Goes Paper Mag 
HOMI Smart + BASE Milano, Milan—Italy, 2017
virtually endless pages — A5  

            HOMI smart is a project realised by the interaction design studio Idlab for the Milan lifestyle fair HOMI.
           The studio worked on establishing a strong Twitter account, based on smart home, internet of things, app, virtual and augmented reality, software, services, 2.0, and innovation.
            For HOMI 2017, I worked on building a bridge between the digital and the analog community and created Homismart Goes Paper Mag, a collection of 2400 tweets selected from its account and participating communities. Through few lines of code, the user-generated content went through a built-in layout and got printed automatically while the human intervention consisted in binding, live, the pages into the form of a magazine.
            The publishing process becomes a real-time performance on the fair ground, making the data that digital devices bounce back and forth tangible to visitors.  
            The magazine was realised for HOMI fair and Design Nomade, BASE Milano.